Lexi – Dallas Fashion Photographer

Lexi is a fantastic model/actress and singer based out of Dallas, TX. She is a member of the UTubeSensations Kids YouTube channel and a wonderful addition to my client list! She wanted to do something fun Christmasy and for her New Years social media posts, so we got together in Downtown Dallas for a quick session, as I’d like to become more of a fashion photographer in 2020. Focusing on natural light for most of my existence as a professional, this was a chance to test out my new lighting techniques that I have learned recently, and get some pretty cool images.

So my setup is as follows:
Sony A7R3 Camera
Sony 70-200 f/2.8 GM OSS Lens
Godox AD-600 w/36in Octabox diffuser

Something that I have been fighting lately, is that I am way more a fan of zoom lenses, and this mindset could have cost me here with my old setup, but since the A7R is a leader in high ISO performance, I was safe at f/2.8. Next time, this shoot might not be possible without a 1.8 or 1.4 prime lens. Lighting was set approximately 7 feet from model, which in hindsight needs to be a little closer(see image below).

lighting setup for dallas model photography

Check out the rest of her images below, and if you are a model looking for a photographer to build your portfolio or looking for a look that you haven’t been able to do yet, Check out my work, Contact me and let’s schedule a session!

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