Perkowski Girls – Plano Family Photography

I’ve been in the family photography business for 15 years.  For a long time, I dabbled, grabbing the occasional Sony digital camera(my first was the Sony DSC-P9), but then decided I would try to up my game a little bit with the very first Canon Digital Rebel.  On a lark, I went to the UTD Mercury and asked to try out for the school newspaper.  Cristen was the managing editor, and she is the first person to ever tell me that the pictures I took were ‘good’.  I stayed at the Mercury for just over 2 years and made a lot of images and memories.  I now get to photograph her and her daughter.  Cristen has become an awesome mom, and Evelyn is just too precious.  I so enjoyed this session, and watching my photography journey come full circle is one of the highlights of these fall sessions!

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