Dallas Fashion Photographer – Wildfire Tina

As part of my growing desire to get into more fashion photography, I have joined a few groups that are for collaboration with models local to my area. It was so cool to meet Tina, and we decided to meet up at the Fabrication Yard in Dallas for a shoot!

So for this shoot, I went primarily with this setup:
Sony A7R3 Camera
Sony 70-200 f/2.8 GM OSS Lens
Godox AD-600 w/38in deep parabolic diffuser

Tina might be the most unique person I’ve met in my photography journey. She is a high school English teacher, but in her free time, she is a fire dancer for Fort Worth Fire Beats. She also broke me into music playing during our shoot by bringing her boombox! It was so good I subscriber to her playlist! This was going to be a fun session!

Tina’s makeup was done by Georgia Watson and her outfit was designed by Booty Sculpted. Both of these creatives were on point for this shoot!

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Let me start off by saying this…I know nothing about this entire entertainment industry other than it’s cool to watch people swing fire around. It’s completely new to me, and I’m usually conservative so I asked we do fire stuff later! Fortunately, Tina is a completely open book, and was more than willing to help me learn this industry by first focusing on the ‘flow’ aspect of it. Our first session involved these beautiful multi colored fans! They are about 5 feet wide and Tina can flow them FLAWLESSLY. Check these out!

Even Dreamy Magazine put her on the Table of Contents page!

There were so many favorites here, but I think the best set of these images were when she switched to her yellow fans and just did some poses as practices for both of us. Tina was so free flowing that we just had a good time! She is a pro and these just came out so good!

I think if you were to ask Tina what her favorite part was, it would be SMOKE BOMBS! These are something new that I have been incorporating into my shoots, and with Tina’s easy going and flow style they came out great!

I had so much fun meeting Tina and doing this session! She is a pro and joy to shoot with. If you’re a new model looking into breaking into this industry, check out my work, Contact me and let’s schedule a session!

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